Nikki Heat?

-Is there anything else other than Castle?
-Yeah. Beckett.

I can reblog whatever the fuck I want. Mainly Castle and vintage.

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Anonymous: when Tobias said she "wasn't pretty", he didn't mean it in a literal sense. He mention in his pov that she wasn't like the other girls he stared at, curvy and stereotypically pretty. Tris kept saying that she's not pretty and doesn't look like the other girls that guys usually like. So when he said she's not, he meant she's not pretty, LIKE THAT. He likes how she looks because she's different and eye-opening to him unlike other girls.


Anonymous said to :

But we’ve seen Tris from Four’s perspective and know that he thinks she’s beautiful. I always took his comment on her prettiness as him kind of joking w/ her.

Yep, I know, I mentioned that in my post that I know Tobias didn’t mean it like that… I’m just saying from my own *personal* point of view, I would have been weirded out if that was said to me. I sort of just put myself in Tris’ shoes and am saying what I would have thought. 

And again, totally my opinion, and I’m sure many people disagree but that’s okay =)


On this rainy day;

On this rainy day, I decided to watch Divergent movie & read the second book afterwards. The movie was okay…I hate the fact that some of the parts were altered and there were insignificant scenes that should be cut but there were also significant scenes that were not included. Theo James is so hot tho. Shailene is so perf. I love her. Uhm, is it weird to say that I found Eric (in the movie) handsome? Lol!! 

I am now on the 76th page of Insurgent. I hope I could finish the book for only two days! ☺️❤️


when I’m reading a really emotional part in a book and someone walks into my room and interrupts me…